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Training and listening to your body

listen to your body

Training and listening to your body.

As a coach I sometimes have to tell my athletes I work with to take time off or hold back for varies reasons. The reasons could risk of injury or going too hard early in a workout to prevent a terrible workout.  It can be very hard for a runner to look at a long term health when trying to reach those short term goals and it takes a second person to realize what is the best options are (unless you plan to give up running for a while due to injury).

“I have to push through the pain!”- No good runner every said…

There are different ways you can listen to your running/body. Using a heart rate monitor can pre determine how a workout is going to fair and typically a high heart rate will be due to stress and lack of sleep. This will put a runner in a higher heart zone and make the running workout more difficult.

What is hurting? Aches and pains can lead to bigger injuries and some pains you shouldn’t “just run through it”. Pain is also a way that the body communicates to the brain that something is wrong.  I commonly see runners overcompensating for an injury that is already have by changing the way they run and hurting others parts of their body. When just taking a few days off or cross training for a week can fix everything and still be at tip top health (and shape) on race day.

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milton runningHow to pick the right marathon
Picking the right marathon should focus on the right weather for training for a marathon. That will depend where you live.
Good example is where I live in Florida. If the marathon is a fall marathon (e.g. Disney, Space Coast, Chicago, New York and etc.) it’s probably though to beat the heat and will have difficulty running the pace you want to run in your training.
Then we have the spring marathons, (Georgia, Boston and etc.) the best time to train for a marathon! The best running weather in the south is probably January through early April.

The downside is, no matter where you live in the south and you want some good training for a marathon, but you probably have to travel for that 26.2 adventure. I will take the traveling vs training in miserable, hot, humid, rainy, awful, draining weather.

Pick the right marathon for you and your training or you might hate running afterwards….

Proper Running Form


What is the importance of good running form? Will it really change the way you run? In the past, I have seen fast, small-framed females get injured secondary to poor running form and, on the contrary, big guys who can run forever because of an efficient and biomechanically sound running form. Is there a correlation? Or, are there other small factors – mileage, recovery, nutrition, shoe fit, etc – that can effect one’s health status?

So, the controversial question remains – what kind of role does proper running form play when it comes to remaining injury free? What has your own experience been like when it comes to changing your running form? Has the change relieved any persistent aches and pains? Aided in any PR’s? We want to know!

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