“Milton is a coach who immerses himself into everything that can make his athletes better.  The investment of time and research into those he trains is unmatched compared to other coaches I have used or heard about from unsatisfied fellow athletes.  LET’s training plans employ in-person and video sessions when needed and are adjusted regularly based on athlete feedback, progress, and results.  Milton understands and applies training methods which focus on the mental as well as the physical aspects of athletic performance.  I attained each and every one of my training goals after implementing LET’s training plan for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco and my first Half Ironman race in my hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington.”
-Rod Crowley

“Milton helped me get more serious about running. I decided I was ready to try a half marathon, so I asked him to help me create a training plan. He helped me do that and set accurate pace goals to challenge myself and build more confidence as a runner. After just a few weeks, I already have a better handle on what I’m capable of and how to achieve it. ”
-Shannon Abitbol

“Milton is the kind of coach that makes you believe in yourself even when you have doubts. He encouraged me to do a half marathon when I thought 8 months was too short of a training period since I could barely run a mile. He made sure I had the proper training and I crossed that finish line just like he said I could. As I make new goals, I no longer think “I can’t” because he taught me to believe in myself and what I’m capable of.” -Ashley Daigle

“Before training with Milton, I was struggling to train for a half marathon on my own. In 4 months, he taught me how to run with better form AND improved my pace time. Milton provides a detailed schedule customized to fit my performance level that’s easy to follow. If I have any questions about the workout, he’s always patient and quick to respond.  I’m more confident in my running since Milton increases my mileage gradually. Training for a marathon would not have been a realistic goal for me without his guidance.” -Samantha Miele

We approached Milton two and half years ago to help us improve our fitness in order to meet our running and adventuring goals and have been thrilled with our results. Prior to working with Milton our approach didn’t have focus or purpose. He took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve and then thoughtfully mapped out a plan to get us there. Milton is accessible and responsive with questions from training to nutrition to shoes. We also like that he is realistic about the fact that we aren’t professional athletes and when life gets in the way is quick to revise your plan to meet you where you are. His training plans are fun, challenging and on target for what you are training for. We also like that he proactively works with you before you set your race calendar and then researches your specific race and customizes an approach for your distance. We run road races from 5k to 1/2 marathon and trail races from 30k to 100 miles and he has been able to put a plan together for each distance and terrain. Not only has our fitness but our results have improved. We have each achieved PR’s and are competitive in our age groups and masters. Thank you Milton for helping us reach our potential!! -Michelle Chandler & Lindsay Raley

Milton Lyons has helped my daughter Breanna with her running stride for her sprint and jumping events. We can already see a difference in how she runs after just a couple training sessions. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of his efforts after soccer season, when track starts. -Thom Newberg