There isn’t a lot of videos online about aqua jogging, so I decided to make my own. It is very simple by running in the water just like you would be running on the road. Just like you need to have good running form on land, you should also have it in the water while you are aqua jogging.

Here are some benefits on aqua jogging that will give a edge on other athletes who don’t:

-Impact free. This is great if someone is injured and looking for low impact cardio workout.

-Make your own workouts. Whatever you do on land you can do in the water. (Greg did 10 min warm up, 1min easy/4 min hard X 5)

-Resistance training. Work certain muscles that you don’t get to do while running on land.

-Cross training. This a great core workout by making yourself run straight up.

-Recovery. By promoting my blood flow, this will speed up the recovery process by just jogging easy in the water.

Athlete:Greg Allen

Filmed: Milton Lyons