Which running personality do you fit best?

Seasonal runner-Only runs when the weathers nice 5 months out of the year. They can run year round if they are a snowbird from the north (or south depending where you are reading this).

seasonal runner

Weekend warrior-It could be a 5K, 10K, half marathon or mud run, but this runner is shelling out tons of money every weekend for that t-shirt.

weekend warror

The secret runner- Runs before anyone wakes up and won’t tell a soul, this runner is pounding the pavement and no one will ever know.

secret runner

The social runner-This runner will only run with the group and talk about it on social media afterwards. Probably have a few drinks in the process.

chop shop

The age group runner- Will only run a race if they can place in their age group, this runner is looking for some hardware to bring home. Anything less is a disappointment.

age group winner

The elite runner that everyone wants to be-The really fast guy or girl that just graduated from college and still fast. Everyone says, “Only if I started running in middle school I could keep up”.


The new kid on the block-The middle aged adults that just discovered they have running gift or think they do. They may have all the latest running technology on them as well.


The retired/volunteer runner-The runner really used to be fast runner and have logged lots of miles on their running shoes. Due to age or injuries, they have decided it’s time to give back to running community.


The hippie runner-This runner doesn’t even wear a watch and may smell. They rather be free and go explores their surroundings. It’s you and Mother Nature.


In the end it doesn’t matter what kind of runner you are, long as you just run.